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Were you mis-sold a Timeshare in Spain?
Or misinformed about the Timeshare?
Or not given a cooling off period?

At least 600,000 people in the UK have Timeshares and about half of these Timeshares are in Spain. Over the last few decades, many of these Timeshares were sold with an aggressive sales strategy.

Many Timeshare contracts include a maintenance or annual management fee which was initially affordable but the fee became disproportional and unfair. These fees were also written in perpetuity meaning some are passed on as a liability to your family after death.

Spain’s Supreme Court has now ruled that almost all Timeshare contracts sold since 1999 are deemed inherently unfair and unenforceable. This means that Timeshare owners can now make a claim against the finance company or Timeshare company, in order to cancel the contract and receive compensation.

Should you be compensated?

If you own a Timeshare, then we might be able to help you declare the contract Null & Void due to:

  1. 1)  Misrepresentation – the sales pitch was false or misleading
  2. 2)  Unfair maintenance fees – if your fees have escalated above 3% a year
  3. 3)  Cooling Off Period breached – the 14-day cooling off period was not respected.

Our team has experience of making claims against multiple Timeshare companies – such as Diamond Resorts, Silverpoint, DRWL and Club la Costa as well as many more - including Spanish Timeshare companies.

We also make claims against finance companies: Barclays Partner Finance, GE Money, First National, Consumer Lending Ltd and Shawbrook Bank Ltd.

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No Win, No Fee

We act on a ‘No Win, No Fee’ basis – which means you pay nothing to us until your compensation or exit from the Timeshare is complete.

Our fees on a successful claim are 39% of the amount recovered, however with the fluctuations in the exchange rate and added interest, our clients normally receive an amount equivalent to their original deposit payment after all fees have been deducted.

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