Financial Claims

We can help you get your money.

We advise and represent clients who have claims in connection with mis-sold financial products and investments and for undisclosed payments and commissions charged by banks, brokers and financial institutions.

We can assist you to recover your money and will ensure your claims are dealt with accurately, efficiently and professionally.

  • Short Term or Pay Day Loans- such as Wonga and Quick Quid etc. If you have ever taken out a Pay Day Loan or other high interest loan then we'd like to hear from you.
  • Loans, Financial Products and Investments - Do you think you may have been mis-sold a loan or investment? Were brokers or advisers involved?
  • Pensions - Have you lost money in connection with your pension? Have you transferred or opted out of a pension? Have you received a payback demand?
  • Car Finance - Have you ever bought a car on a Personal Contract Plan (PCP) from a dealership? The FCA has already launched a review into the car finance market prompted by concerns of 'irresponsible lending'.

Simply contact us and we will evaluate your case.

You pay nothing until your claim is successful.

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  • No up front payment.
  • We only charge our fees when you win.
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