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With over twenty years of experience advising and representing Gibraltar, UK and international based clients, RedTower Law's employment lawyer, Gabrielle O'Hagan, is a recognised expert in the field. She has an exceptional track record for assisting with issues at work, any kind of termination of employment, together with contractual, policy and procedural advice. She is also an Employment Tribunal Chairperson.

We are a workplace law firm


  • COVID-19 issues
  • Employment, Service and Consultancy Contracts
  • Staff Handbooks, Workplace Policies and Procedures
  • Disciplinaries and Dismissals
  • Grievance Issues
  • Settlement Agreements and Exit Packages
  • Restrictive Covenants and Post Termination Obligations
  • Breach of Fiduciary Duties
  • Employment Tribunal Claims
  • Redundancies


  • COVID-19 issues
  • Termination of Employment
  • Disciplinary and Grievance Issues
  • Unfair Dismissals
  • Bonus Claims and Contractual Disputes
  • Pay, Wages, Commission, Long Term Sickness & Holiday Pay Claims
  • Constructive Dismissals
  • Redundancies
  • Discrimination, Bullying and Harassment Claims
  • Settlement Agreements and Exit Packages
  • Employment Tribunal Claims
  • Agents, Consultants and Contractors

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