Specialised Legal Services

We manage the entire legal complaints and claims process for our clients right through to settlement and payment.

We provide legal services to UK, national and international claimants and all sizes of organisations and institutions.

With a reputation for effectiveness, expertise and experience, our aim is to provide personal tailored advice and representation to each of our clients to facilitate practical and commercial solutions and to achieve the best possible results. 

Press Releases

RedTower Law sees Growth in its Timeshare Services - 1st May 2019

Gibraltar law firm provides legal help to Timeshare owners who are victims of mis-sold and unfair contracts

RedTower Law has reported an increasing client base interested in its Timeshare services. ...
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RedTower Law helping business prepare for Brexit - 6th March 2019

Gibraltar law firm guiding business owners and HR professionals on the impact of Brexit on Employment Law

RedTower Law is helping businesses minimise the effect of Brexit on their workforces–from as ...
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Unlocking the Puzzle that is Brexit and How it will affect your workforce - 8th January 2019

RedTower Law Opinions on Brexit take many forms but perhaps the most widely held view is that they can be contradictory, are often confusing and rarely conclusive. This is especially dispiriting for non-Gibraltarian/British EU citizens who...
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New Gibraltar based law firm provides Specialised Service - 7th November 2018

RedTower Law specialises in Spanish Property Claims

RedTower Law estimates that up to £200 million is owed to residents...
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RedTower Law launches Spanish property claims- 6th November 2018

Gibraltar law firm with expertise in Spanish Property Claims

There are at least 35 law firms in Gibraltar, but the founder of RedTower Law, Gabrielle O'Hagan, asserts...
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